A Bridge between Worlds. Witnessing life and death.

By Lucy Coleman, MD.

How to describe the feeling of witnessing what I call “The Bridge” between dimensions and realizing that feeling has always been there, waiting to be explored further and understood in a deeper spiritual sense. The feeling is unimaginable. And this was my experience…

I am a doctor, specialist in Reproductive Medicine, a scientist, a former believer that everything can be demonstrated, even the things that have to be yet demonstrated. Just a matter of time and resources. But now I know everything has a right time to happen.

I dedicated my entire life to science and medicine, believing that science had most of the answers. Many times I was fortunate enough to find the answers, of course logical and under my own scientific system of beliefs. But what did I believe in? Pure logical and tangible science, nothing more. However that belief was put on a hard test and today I am aware that I was very far from the system of working. But this is not something I made up, no. It was shown to me.


In Reproductive Medicine most events are amazing. From the beginning of the formation of each gamete, to the fertilization of the eggs, developing of the embryo, division, implantation, growing of the fetus, birth, every single event is crucial and related to an exact system of time and space. Embryos need a space to happen, and time manages the sequence of events that once in motion can’t be stopped anymore.

Research in this field had shown science is capable to find answers for most of the events happening during each step, and even go further to find explanations to events we considered to be a matter of fiction in the medical community, as the now famous stem cells that seem to be present around the body, and the right push activates them to perform a series of actions related with cellular regeneration.

Since the 14th century, scientists explored with sperm freezing, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that sperm freezing and thawing happened. Today we use thawed sperm to fertilize embryos and create tiny humans. If a time machine exists I am sure someone from the past wouldn’t believe how far we have come in many areas of medicine.

I can keep going non-stop talking about every single phenomenon nature displays like a chain of marvellous events  interconnected with each other, and this takes me to my passion, reproductive medicine.

I love what I do, and have dedicated my life to this field. It has been a long, challenging and exhausting path, but I simply love it.

The number of people unable to conceive naturally has been increasing exponentially, especially in the last 10 years. The reason? We do not know yet, although we have some presumptions based on evidence.

Working in this field, with patients, each of them coming to me with a single different case, and a single different problem, was one of the most challenging events. However, the most difficult ones were couples with  several attempts and no pregnancy, and there was no evidence of any clinical issue. It was just called “unexplained infertility”. It is indeed an unexplained fertility that even with good grade embryos, good response to ovarian stimulation, good endometrial lining, excellent semen sample, etc, the patient still no obtaining the desired outcome with a healthy pregnancy. The frustration was difficult to handle at that time. And there were many times when I sat on my desk thinking, “what else should we do?”

I started to have more questions to events that were difficult to explain with words. Still difficult to explain them today. “What else could we do?” That question kept going through my head for months. We had medical meetings, with doctors having many more years of experience than myself, and we could not find the right answers for some cases, or even the ones that would give the patient a light of hope during the procedure. I was restless, determined to know. I am not used to be a dreamer because logic is a fundamental brick in my conception of life, but trust me when I say it can be frustrating studying for so many years and receiving those cases for which medicine has nothing to do.

The embryology laboratory is a sacred space where life flourish from the very beginning, and also vanishes in hours or days. Embryologists are fortunate enough to be able to witness human embryos and their behavior during the process of division inside the incubator, and to prepare for one of the crucial moments called embryo transfer.

Going to work, for me, is an adventure every day.


Being in the embryology laboratory can be a deep meaningful experience. It is the thin and delicate connection with the here and now, and another dimension containing beings who are prepared to come to this physical world with our help.

Our bodies contain pure energy, which is transformed once we die and go to another unknown dimension. As Albert Einstein once said, energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. In this dimension we will review our actions, thoughts, inner feelings, experiences, and all the good and bad we did and created in this physical world. To be prepared for this transition we must listen carefully, we must see the signs and the way our spiritual guides are trying to communicate.

The moment of creation/fertilization, resulting from the union of the egg and the sperm, marks the beginning of the creation of a individualized being.

The embryos communicate to me in a way I cannot describe, or at least it is really difficult for me to describe it. They are alive and making their own choices. I call it “embryo consciousness”, and is possible if we study how life begins and ends.

Embryos are composed of atoms and these atoms come with consciousness on them. If they want to divide and continue to live they will do so, if they wish to die they will die, no matter what. If they want to die, they will shown signs of underdevelopment and disease.


I started to find ways to grow spiritually. I needed more answers to all the things happening. And I knew the answers would come trough my own consciousness and its beliefs.

We have had success with many difficult cases in reproduction and fertility. Cases that nobody wants to take because of the high chance of failure, the so called “unexplained infertility”, a term that has been growing lately, because every day there are more and more couples who are so energetically blocked that a fertility procedure is not enough. The body needs to be prepared and energetically ready to receive that life. The beings that are coming will need much more love, because they decided to come to contribute with this society, on this physical plane, in ways that will improve our world. They have learned so much in another lifetimes that now they wish to use their knowledge to and for our society, because this world needs a change. It has been contaminated with wars, ego, hate, greed, anger, frustration and disappointment; now this is the time of the new era for the change. That is why us, the embryologists, have become a “bridge between worlds”. There are many ways they are coming to the world right now, most of them are coming from another civilizations where they lived in constant spiritual growth. Now they need a healthy vessel to live on Earth.


Science has developed so fast that genetic engineering is expanding in ways to decode most of these crucial steps in cellular division and trying to explain causes of disease. There are predictive models that can shed a light of hope in the study of genetics and the newer epigenetic field. These tools aid embryologist to choose healthy embryos with the best chances of continuing division and produce a pregnancy. To obtain disease-free embryos has been the most desired quest for scientists, and years ago these conversations might have been taken as science fiction or speculation, but that is no longer the case. The embryos are evolving and teaching us what they can do and how.

I learnt to listen and respect nature. The delicate line between science and what we haven’t been able to understand well yet: the beginning of life. To me that’s the bridge between world and we embryologist have the VIP seats to the event.


The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply. – Khalil Gibran.

Lucy Coleman
Specialist in Human Reproduction and Fertility
Scientific Director